Working with Vaults

To encrypt your data securely with Cryptomator Hub vaults, you need the Cryptomator app for your OS. Cryptomator runs on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS. You can download the version for your OS from

This section describes exemplarily how to unlock a vault in the Desktop app. Android and iOS work analogously.


Currently, our desktop and iOS version supports Cryptomator Hub vaults. We are working on adding support for Android.

As described in open an existing vault, you should have already added the vault to the vault list, e.g., by selecting the vault.cryptomator file.

Unlocking a Vault

1. Click Unlock

To unlock the vault, click on the large Unlock button in the center of Cryptomator’s main window.

Click "Unlock" to unlock a Hub vault with the Desktop app

2. Authenticate

Cryptomator should open your default browser for authentication. If you’re not already logged in, you need to provide your user credentials, e.g., by entering your username and password or by inserting your key when WebAuthn is enabled.

After your browser asks for credentials, enter your username and password

3. Account Setup

If this is the first time you log into Hub, Cryptomator and Cryptomator Hub requests you to set up your account.


Cryptomator requests to setup your user account


Hub requests to setup your user account

When you finished the account setup in Hub, unlock the vault again.

4. Register Device

If you just did setup your accout, a vault owner needs to grant you access for the requested vault as described here. Retry unlocking the vault after the vault owner granted you access.

Access is denied since it has not been granted by a vault owner yet

If you connect to Hub with this device for the first time, you need to register it.


Register your device by entering the setup code and a name for it


Hub requests device registration

Enter a name for the device to identify it later on and the Account Key which was generated during the account setup. You can also find it in the account settings.

After that, you will see a confirmation dialog, unlock the vault again.

5. Vault Unlocked

You are all set up and an unlock should be successful from now on. You can then reveal the vault’s contents as usual.


Desktop shows unlock successful


Hub shows unlock successful