Working with Vaults


Vaults created with Hub are unlocked with the regular Cryptomator apps for desktop, Android and iOS. They can be downloaded here.

This section describes exemplarily how to unlock a vault in the Desktop app. Android and iOS work analogously.

As described in open an existing vault, you should have already added the vault to the vault list, e.g., by selecting the vault.cryptomator file.

Unlocking a Vault

1. Click Unlock

To unlock the vault, click on the large Unlock button in the center of Cryptomator’s main window.

Click "Unlock" to unlock a Hub vault with the Desktop app

2. Authenticate

Cryptomator should open your default browser for authentication. If you’re not already logged in, you need to provide your user credentials, e.g., by entering your username and password or by inserting your key when WebAuthn is enabled.

After your browser asks for credentials, enter your username and password

3. Register Device

If you connect to Hub with this device for the first time, you need to enter a unique name for this device.

Register your device by entering a unique name for it

After that, you will see the following confirmation dialog.

After registering the device, your access needs to be granted by a vault administrator

4. Vault Unlocked

If you just registered the new device, a vault administrator needs to grant you access explicitly for the requested vault as described here, otherwise you will see the following dialog.

Access is denied since it has not been granted by a vault administrator yet

After a vault administrator has granted you access, you are all set up and an unlock should be successful from now on. You can then reveal the vault’s contents as usual.

After the unlock was successful, you're redirected to Cryptomator