Vault Management

A vault is where your files are stored encrypted. For your operating system or other apps, a vault is a just a normal directory containing some encrypted files. Only Cryptomator can decrypt the vault’s contents when you unlock it using a password.

Remove Vaults

To remove a vault from the vault list, right click on a vault, and click remove. This is only possible if the vault is locked.


The vault is not deleted from your PC by removing it from the list. If you wish to permanently delete your encrypted files, you need to delete the vault directory using the file manager.

Reorder Vaults

You can change the order of the vaults in the list by dragging them.

How to reorder vaults

Vault Options

Each vault has its own settings which can be customized under vault options. To open a vault’s settings, select a vault, lock it, and click on Vault Options.

The options are divided across three categories:

  1. General - Options not fitting in other categories.

You can select this option if the vault is unlocked as soon as Cryptomator starts.

General vault options
  1. Mounting - Settings that manage how and where a vault is mounted.


The mount options depend on the selected volume type

Vault options for mounting
  1. Password - Here you can manage the vault’s password and recovery key.

Vault options regarding the password

Take a look at the Mounting and Password sections to understand how vault mounting and passwords work.