Running Sanitizer


To run a Sanitizer check on Windows, open the command prompt (Start Menu > Enter “cmd” and press enter) and enter the following command:

java -jar C:\path\to\sanitizer-0.16.jar check -vault C:\path\to\vault -deep

Replace the paths C:\path\to\sanitizer-0.16.jar and C:\path\to\vault accordingly.

You can open an Explorer window and drag & drop the JAR file and vault directory into the command prompt to insert the correct path.


This video shows how to do that on macOS.

Cryptomator Sanitizer: Quick Guide


After running Sanitizer, the files *.structure.txt and *.check.txt are created.

Those files contain some information about your vault (a list of the (encrypted) files and a problems report).

Advanced Usage

If you’re looking for a way to restore missing file extensions after using the decryptVault command, please read this guide:

Sanitizer: Restore Missing File Extensions


This article is only for a worst-case scenario when the vault has been partially deleted.

Use at your own risk!

Do not run these scripts if you don’t know exactly what you are doing.